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Reap the benefits of caulking and sealing

We can turn a drafty building into one that's airtight. Let us use our caulking and sealing experience to protect your commercial and industrial building and infrastructure from potential damage. Call today.

Historic building restoration | Grafton, WI | Pukall Company, Inc. | 262-375-3800

Prevent structural damage by caulking and sealing your building

Caulk can create an airtight and watertight seal in the cracks and crevices. Over time, though, caulk can deteriorate. When this happens, water can seep behind brick, stone, and paneling, damaging the structural integrity of your building. Let us keep your building in good health by calling us to caulk and seal it.

In addition to preventing structural damage, caulking a building can also improve its energy efficiency, which lowers the energy bills you have to pay each month. Pukall Company, Inc. has the equipment to work on buildings of all sizes, even high rises, so if you need caulking and sealing, choose us for efficient and effective work.

A well-caulked building is a healthy building. Call us for any of the following:

  • Filling, control and expansion joints
  • Caulking and caulk remediation
  • Above-grade water repellants and coatings
  • Joint sealing
  • Vertical concrete epoxy patching
  • Fluid- or sheet-applied air barriers
  • New construction caulking and sealants

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